Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Being Single and Dating....

I have been married for 5 years now. In a relationship with my husband for 12 years now. I remember the days of being single and carefree. I have a few of my friends who are still single and one of my bestfriends who is my non-biological twin is still single and not taken. We are of the same age and I think if I were still single now, I'd probably be one of those who are already posting their profiles on best dating sites. I think I'd call myself a boast, but parents usually like me, the guys don't. So, if there was a date my parent show, I'll totally win. But for me to post my profile in a dating site it should pass a Wix review.

Dating is certainly something that isn't easy and isn't to be taken lightly. Sometimes, you have to take that risk since that risk is worth the effort. At times, it opens up to fears and disappointments, of dreaming that he is the one, when you are just many of the other ones he is dating. To tell you the truth, from what I've learned, you have to love yourself first, be the best version of yourself for yourself and the one for you will appreciate who you are. If it isn't time, or you're getting impatient... just think of it this way. God has a much bigger plan and a much better person in store for you.

Suddenly, I remember a quote from my dorm in college it was etched on my desk. " When all else fails, lower your standards." But I disagree, you need to find your match. Because when you lower your standards, then you are just settling for someone. Don't settle for somebody.  Find your match, perhaps at


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