Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Furniture Retail Software something SM would have

SM or ShoeMart is coming to the next city, if not in ours. That is both good and bad news for local retailers. There are of course equal numbers of pros and cons for its existence if not in our city, but in the next. 

I think it would be amazing to have one in the city since it is one of the biggest shopping mall franchises in the country. It would also provide a wider selection of stalls and services for our mall-deprived city. We don't have a mall here, we only have groceries. 

It would be amazing to see the large SM Our Home or their furniture section. I am pretty sure they use a state of the art furniture retail software in their POS system. It is indeed very exciting news. The wide array of products has already made me imagine a lot of things. I hope they have a toy store for my kids. But then, I'd have to start saving money like crazy for me to be able to afford going to the mall.

Would you be excited about furniture? A grocery? Clothing stores? Appliances? or Toys? What would excite you about a mall in your city? Any particular stall?


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