Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LTINS: Write a Letter for a Mom

Dear Moms,

                  Yeah you. I know most of you guys are the ones who visit my blog, even if this is not the total mommy blog that it was, or I haven't kept up with what I'm supposed to be writing about. Oh, why waste so many lines.... here's the deal: THANK YOU for reading my entries, making comments, subscribing, listening to my rants and ramblings. As a treat to all of you and everyone else who reads this, I would like to invite all of you to join, THE TEN ON OCT. 10 BLOG GIVEAWAY of Written by Mys. Rules and Requirements are to follow. So, please keep visiting. Also, reminding all the sponsors to please send your sponsorship pledges. I will accept pledges until October 5 only. Thank you, to consolidate the prizes and everything else.

Paypal email address is mjclaguitao at yahoo dot com 

I also have a surprise for all parents out there, I'm finalizing a deal for something special that will run at the same time with The Ten on OCT.10  Blog Giveaway.

That's all for now. Got letters for Moms? Leave the links below. Just click on the add my link at the linky tools. 


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