Friday, September 3, 2010

LTINS : To my Kids Teachers

To my Kids Teachers:

Dear Mrs. Centeno,

             Wow! Thank you for everything you said during cards day. It made our hearts feel glad and worried. It was great to hear news about how our daughter is faring at school. It is great to hear from someone unbiased since I worry a lot about maybe we just think she's great. I guess, I am looking for reassurance that I am doing something right even when sometimes I feel I'm wrong.

Dear Mrs. Mendoza,
           Thank you for assisting Mrs. Centeno. The lessons my daughter learns in your class are invaluable and highly appreciated. Thank you very much. You take such good care of the kids. Thank you.

Dear Teacher Ruchel,
           Thank you for giving daily progress reports and I just love that. I love that I know what my kid does in school everyday. Thank you. I appreciate every little thing you say.

Dear Teacher Roselyn and Teacher Brian ,
         The two of you helps a lot in the physical development of my son that I am just amazed at what he is able to do. He proudly says all the things he does in class whether in gym or in art. He is just so happy and willing to learn and having you for instructors really helps him


minsan kapag dumadating ang anak ko from school, natatakot akong buksan ang book bag nya, kasi baka may sulat ang teacher na maingay at di sumusunod ang anak ko, hays!


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