Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blog Review: Baul ni Noel

* This is a blog review submitted as a requirement in Simply The Best Birthday Gift Blog Contest*

   It is amazing as to what one discovers as they stumble around the blogosphere and discovering contests. Baul ni Noel is one such amazing find. I guess, I am easily impressed as I love artsy designed headers. Baul when translated would mean a treasure chest. Blog design wise, it is unique, takes good advantage of the Simple layout  but then with the modifications it has become truly personalized.

One thing that distracts me though is maybe he can make the posts longer or add the number of posts published on the first page to compensate with the content of the sidebar. I feel that it's lacking in symmetry as  the scroll time takes a bit longer as you try to see what's on the end of the page.

I love that he is a daddy blogger. I've only seen around 2 to 3 around that I read. I can now add this blog as one of the blogs that are both entertaining, positive and likeable because of the topic - his child and other entertainment things.

An added factor for liking this blog, there are tips for all bloggers out there at his sidebar and this blog is also actively engaged in neobux as shown on the big banner.

Whoever you are, a newbie, a mommy blogger, or a daddy blogger, or any blogger who likes to read personal blogs or blogs with personal interests. This one is for you. Click on that puzzle button at his blog. It is truly puzzling.


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