Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talking about Friends

Hubby and I are recently talking about our college friends and their respective courses. Particularly those in the medical field. We were imagining that most of them would be the ones we'll be seeing in television soon being interviewed about medical cases or medical breakthroughs. You know, the ones talking about dengue, immunizations and other new discoveries.

We have at least 3 friends that are doctors now, practicing at different hospitals. I wonder if the hospitals they work with provide them with their own scrub sets. Unless maybe they don't want to use generic ones or they want ones that are comfortable like personalized cotton scrub sets.

I don't think I'll ever be able to be used to the idea of meeting them in a hospital and they'll be wearing white lab coats. I wouldn't know whether I'll fear them or hug them.

Or maybe, I should just share with them where to buy medical scrubs, the online shop I found with designs that looks so adorable and would fit well to their chosen specialization, pediatrics. I'm guessing they'd love to grab themselves some of those to entice more patients to trust in them and of course, to display their own flair for fashion.


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