Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Babies are Here and Babies are Coming!

First off, No... I'm not pregnant.

      My sister in law just gave birth last October 7. Pretty soon, she'll have to be thinking of car seats Winnie, my distant relative is also pregnant and due in April, and the bigger news, remember the wedding of my bestfriend last June? Well, I just learned that she's 6 weeks pregnant! Isn't that amazing?
                             Congratulations to the new moms and would-be moms!

        There's this site that is the wikipedia of Shopping! It's called Shopwiki. They have the links to anything and everything that the moms would love to buy for their babies and toddlers. Seriously! Shopwiki delivers.Think about this, I am obsessing over toy microphones right now as my gift to my daughter, it's either that or jigsaw puzzles. I head on over to the Shopwiki site, type it in the search area and voila, they show me photos of the items, prices and I just have to click on the link to go the seller/store's site.You can even compare prices and deals since you can look for a specific item and the list of online stores that sell them will pop up. But do you know what's even more amazing about the site? When I ask about car seats, they teach me how to buy car seats! The types of car seats, and I even discovered that there are convertible car seats. The site never fails to amaze me with all the useful stuff it tells me.From safety standards, photos of kinds of car seats possible, did you know that there are car seats that face the front, other car seats face the rear, and then there are car seats that you can convert to something else. The amazing thing about Shopwiki is that it works like Google but geared toward shopping only. It crawls anything indexed by google and shows you the links to stores. So if you wanna start planning to shop for Christmas, Shopwiki is the place to go, because it's Shopping made easy! I'm going to go and buy a practical car seat for my niece now.What about you? What's your plans?


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