Monday, October 5, 2009

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Fantasy/Adventure Movie

There's a lot of movies that can qualify for this movie.

So, instead of just one, I'm throwing in 3 movies for this topic.

On my 3rd spot, is something I recently watched. (Please forgive me, if my recent is not something current (I don't have a life))

This movie stars Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle. I just love the plot of persons with superpowers. Are you trying to guess my top pick? You'll be surprised. I watched this and it just hooked me. It's about prisoners who have psychic abilities, psychic in different ways. "pushers" - can push thoughts into your mind, with just focusing on you and by you, looking at them (mind control). Seekers, sniffers, movers, shadows, bleeders and so much more. The movie opens with a boy and his father running away, they go to a place which looks like a hospital. The father is suspicious of everyone, then he makes his son make a promise that if a girl gives him a flower he has to help that girl. He is 'moved' away with a flick of a wrist and from a corner he watches as his father dies in the hands of a very strong 'pusher'. Here's a clip to let you see what's in store for you if you watch the movie.

Top 2: Jumper - reason? I just think Hayden Christensen is HOT! Need I say more? Plus I love the fact that he insists that he's different and the tiny little twist between his character and of Diane Lane's. Plus you get to see Kristen Stewart here though in just a bit role.

My top pick is about a lion and a mouse.
No, it's not Barney, though I am tempted to write that down.

Can you guess? Ben Barnes is amazing. I remember texting my twin about him. I just kept rattling on about having a crush and that I'm in love again. I was even going to buy a shirt with Prince Caspian on the front. What's great about it? Prince Caspian will still be in the next adventure, even if the next time only has a boat for a setting, I'd still go out and see it. I would miss the scenes that he's riding a horse though.

What's your pick?

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