Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still about Me and the Tv

With the Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng, one that was really struck by tragedy is our cable service. It was on and off for a while and well, my kids had to resort to dvds of their favorite shows. I am personally considering changing from the cable service to direct tv.I am just learning about direct tv and its advantages. There are a lot of Direct Tv Offers to choose from. Direct tv according to my research is much better than cable. Since when the line is out, all channels are out. Direct tv doesn't rely on a pole line, and so if the cable of my neighbors are out, they just might go to my house and watch their favorite show. With direct tv, you get a choice of how many channels you get, and how much money you're willing to shell out. I think one of the biggest perks that direct tv offers is the mere fact that direct tv offers High Definition. Who doesn't want to watch their favorite shows in HD? I can just imagine me drooling over Sam and Dean Winchester in High Definition. Direct Tv Packages are also very affordable which is a plus for me, since budgeting for Paul's milk and Maegan's milk is really hard on the pocket. I bet, if Maegan can,  she's going to pick which one of the Direct Tv Deals.

I bet she's going to choose Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon Jr., HBO Family, Animax, and more. Hubby would pick AXN and Jack Tv. I'd pick CW channel, FOX Crimes and HBO.

What about you? Do you think Direct Tv is better than Cable? What channels would you pick?


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