Thursday, October 29, 2009

GT: Favorite Accessories!

What you are seeing is a photo of my favorite watch and my favorite bracelet. Taken with hubby's phone - please forgive the quality of the photo. I love my watch because it looks and feels like a bracelet.I usually wear the face of my watch on the inside, so outside you get to see the lock.  The one at the back of the watch is another one of my favorite accessories that I bought online.

The photo from the seller would look like this..


Want one for your own? Visit Shen's Addictions. I'm not sure if she's still selling though.
This is a photo of our wedding rings. I don't have an engagement ring. But my mom did give me a ring which looks like an engagement ring. But then, wait, this is about why am I rambling on?

For more accessories galore? Click on the banner above and let us girls do more talking.


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