Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thursday 13: Perfumes

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Looks like I'll be doing this a lot of times, then again, maybe not!

This is a combo-meme. I'm putting this entry into good use and joining 2 memes with this post.

This is a list in random order
  1. Ralph Lauren Romance
  2. Ralph Lauren Blue
  3. Dream Angels wish
  4. Eternity
  5. CK One
  6. Polo Sport Blue
  7. Armani Blue
  8. Coolwater Davidoff
  9. Fire Me Up
  10. Urban Flowers
  11. Polo Black
  12. Victoria's Secret Love Spell
  13. Victoria's Secret Secret Crush

Before you get mad at me and wonder why I mixed in some guys' perfumes, my defense is this. I fell in love with Polo Sport Blue before I ever met a guy. I'd smell it at those tester strips and when I sprayed it on myself, it smelled so good. Same goes with the other guy brands. Plus, I just like how hubby smells in those guy perfumes too. 

But if you want to talk perfumes, have a go at it with my mom, she has a closetful of those girly stuff. I'm not that girly.

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