Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Letters That I'll Never Send: From a Fan

     Surprisingly, I never thought that I'd be addressing to you. When I finally got to making this entry, with thoughts of Meredith Brooks, Shania Twain and Chito Miranda percolating in my head, I decided to write this letter to you. You may not remember me. I am just one of millions of your fans. You had a great impact in my life. You were an inspiration and I was inspired in going to my school because it was your alma mater too.
I remember that night as if it were just yesterday. It was the Freshmen Orientation Program/Concert at the university. You were going to perform. My bestfriend (and blockmate) is your number one fan. So obsessed about you, we traversed the wide parking lot looking for your signature black Honda Civic since you were doing commercials of them and you were also endorsing Pepsi I think, then. After your performance on stage, we went running to the dressing room and to the backstage. You took notice of my beautiful and intelligent friend. She used some of her charm to make sure you noticed and you did. You took an interest to her and we were granted with a ride in your car to your apartment nearby. In the car, you coughed. I said, 'ay tao pala, inuubo din.' (oh, he's also human, he's coughing) - my friend ribbed me and I remained silent.
I was a star-struck fan and you were down to earth. You offered hopia and coke when we got to your apartment, when I told you that my dorm had a curfew you told me to break the curfew just once, and you promised I won't get kicked out. You stayed in the same dorm when you were freshmen and you do the concerts for free as your way of giving back. So, Ely Buendia - thank you! You inspired us all to dream of U.P.!


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