Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making the Grade

One of my most challenging subjects since the beginning of time is Math. I find the abc and the xyz of math such an interesting and yet an abstract concept. I love that the answers in Math are always exact, but then I get lost trying to solve linear equations in math. Algebra was never a strong suit since it involves memorizations of special products and looking for that elusive value of x,y and even z to the 3rd power. I guess I have to admit I needed Algebra help then. Highschool and College Algebra is so complicated. You should see my Vance book ... it's so tattered and beaten.
Someone who is very adept in Math problems, would be my husband. Have I told you about him? He is an absolute Math whiz, to think he doesn't have a drop of Chinese blood in him and I do. He breezes through any Math word problems and even Algebra word problems. He is proficient in Logic and I just sat dazzled and open-mouthed when he can solve problems in just minutes. He is a college instructor here and he has to come up with challenging questions and sometimes creative Math answers to engage his students more with the subject. There was a rise in the enrollment of Education students with Math majors because of his proficiency plus I guess his looks isn't that bad.
Times have certainly changed. Online tutoring services are now the rage. I'm so tempted to ask my husband to work as one. Online tutoring certainly has the advantages of being available to any student at any time of the day. Students nowadays would definitely take advantage of algebra help and algebra 2 help. Times have really changed and school competitiveness is very much alive. My niece is a classic example. She is and has always been running for honors. If she becomes absent even for just a day, she becomes behind in her work. You miss a lesson and you get hard up catching up with the next one. Here, online tutorial could be handy. She could ask her classmates for the recent lesson and checkout online sites for tutorials or really hire a professional online tutor.
I found a site that offers all day tutoring and they offer all subjects. Wanna find out more? Check out Tutor Vista. They even offer a free demo.


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