Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Letters That I'll Never Send: To Someone Who Changed my Life

To my Readers,

It almost skipped my mind, and then I bloghopped and I remembered.
This isn't one of those dramatic letters that I usually write and which you've become used to.
This is actually another thank you letter directed to someone who changed my life. This time, I did not opt for the dramatics or the flair. The person who changed my life, not in a very drastic way, but did change my life as I know it now is Calvin.Around last year, around these dates, Calvin hosted his first anniversary giveaway. The prize and requirements was as straight forward as it could ever get. My blog then had a visitor of 2 people a week, those are the 2 blogger friends that are also offline friends of mine. His prize was a domain. I was actually curious about a domain and staking a name in the world wide web.We were about 13 participants, and picked me. There were others who were a lot more deserving, I'm pretty sure with the traffic he is getting right now, Calvin will have hundreds of entries gunning for his prizes.
Calvin changed my life because he gave me a domain when I couldn't afford it, no plans on how to use it, and gave me my stake which I used to claim my part of the world wide web.
I don't remember when I really started blogging. I started before I turned 28 and opened my first blog which I named Just Keep Trying. and I used that to write about his contest. Then, I won. Do you know why I remember the date when I was given my domain? It's in my godaddy receipt. That was one of Calvin's requirements. You had to open a GoDaddy account so he could easily transfer the domain to you. I'm proud to say that I've just recently renewed this domain and that it will still be up and running for at least a year.

Here's my short letter to someone who changed my life:

It's a year old tomorrow. Thanks.


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