Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Letters That I'll Never Send: To my Eldest Child

Dear Maegan,
          I'm sorry if I'm strict with you. I have to balance out the spoiling you get from your grandma.
I know that you're pretty intelligent. I just hope that when you grow up, you learn that you don't always get what you want. You have to find your own place under the sun. Always remember that whatever you do, I will always be proud of you and that I will always love you. I'm the bad one and failure in the family so I hope you learn from all my mistakes. I hope you live a long and happy life. That you be free from my expectations and from the expectations of your grandparents. I hope that when you choose a course for college you will be wise and pick the one you're passionate about. Don't give in to us and do what your heart wants.
When you have a boyfriend, I hope he likes us. Learn about him on how he treats his family particularly his parents. I promise not to be picky. But then, he'd have to deal with your dad, so good luck on that. I plan to let you travel the whole Philippines if we can afford it and some other countries as well. My dream for you is pretty simple and I think most parents dream that for all their kids. That you will always be happy and healthy. That if pain ever comes your way, you learn to cope and deal with it. I can't and don't plan to shield you from everything but I will try my best. Do your best in life and remember that there's nothing we won't do for you.
I love you dear. Love yourself too.

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i will post the meme here every thursday :D

by the way are u filipino?? how old is your daughter.. i love ur letter to her.. u are so loving..

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I'm from the Philippines and Maegan is only 3. This meme has a weekly theme or topic and I'm willing for others to post suggestions. I wrote this letter so I don't forget what I want her to know. I don't want to make the mistakes I made hers but I also want her to take risks and learn for herself. I'm finding the letters therapeutic for me. I hope you join.

Recent blog:=- Letters That I'll Never Send: To my Eldest Child


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