Sunday, September 20, 2009

Making a Family Picture

No, It's not a movie. I was browsing around graphic sites and blog designers as usual, when I noticed this on a sidebar and I just couldn't resist playing and experimenting with it myself.

I really like cute and adorable stuff. Plus, I'm amazed on how it works and the little personalizations I can do with it.

My Family from

This is the silhouette version. It's amazing. You can even have a jumpshot. Hahaha. I should have submitted that at Pehpot's blog.

Here's the stick version.

My Stick Family from

I think it's just too cute to let it pass. The stick figures can be customized to the color that you want and even includes pets.


I'm also waiting for the opening of Wendy's new graphic store. Her work is also amazing if you've got the moolah to pay for it.

Oh, if you're interested in a new rotating header (where you have 2 to 3 headers that interchange) then go visit Adori Graphics, she's hosting a giveaway.

That's all for now. Go and make your own silhouette and stick figures now.

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