Friday, September 11, 2009

Grab some Buttons I designed!

I made a few buttons, well so far only 2 buttons with 2 sizes...
This one is 190 pixels wide and 160 pixels high.
Here's a 125x125 button as well
here's a 190 pixel Thank you Button
and its 125x125 counterpart
I think I felt inspired after making a new navigation bar.
To install/place them in your blogger blog:
Go to where you make your new posts (DASHBOARD)
Pick out what blog you want to install/paste them in.
Click on LAYOUT
This automatically opens to Page Elements.
Click on Add a Gadget
Copy all the text inside the scrollbox by clicking inside the box, press CTRL and A at the same time to select all, then to copy, press CTRL and C( or just right click, select all, right click copy - works the same)
Go to your blank HTML/JAVASCRIPT - press CTRL V  (or just right click, paste - works the same)
VOILA! instant graphics courtesy of me.
Do i have a future in design?
Hmmm. My hubby is laughing at me. I should smack with him a newspaper or is he right?
Next, I'd love to make signatures for bloggers interested.
But I promise to not get involved in making blog templates, that's tedious work, and I've tried.


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