Monday, September 7, 2009

Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Suspense/Thriller Movie

Of all the genre I have to choose from, this is one where I am at a very conflicted place. There's just too many and these are my kind of movies. I'm the suspense/thriller/horror and romantic comedy kind of gal. I love hundreds of movies that all comply with this week's theme. So, sorry it's really a difficult one.

I just watched this one again yesterday, so just in time for the post today, I pick this movie.

Then there are those movies that are action packed like Red Eye, The Hitcher, Minority Report, Dan Brown novels turned into movies and even my Twilight Saga favorites. I'm absolutely torn on which movie to choose. But then recently watched wins and I just saw "When a Stranger Calls" yesterday. So, this is my pick.

The Story goes as: Camilla Belle is a babysitter who receives a prank call or so she thinks. The prank caller is threatening the life of the kids she's babysitting. She reports the calls to the police. The police traces the call and tells her ' the call is coming from inside the house' and the terror begins. She suspects the neighbor. Dead bodies show up or are found. Until the very end, you're rooting for her and her wards to survive.

This is my pick. What's yours?

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