Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mommy Moments: Hats!

mommy moments

Both my kids like to wear them. Party hats however are prone to getting torn off each other's heads so make sure that you have enough handy and that there's always 1 for each of them. In the photos, they're both wearing the same cap, they love that one. Paul loves it the most though. I feel as if they're gangsters when they wear it. Paul usually wears the cap on himself and calls it a hat. Maegan wears a bigger hat but funny thing is I never got a picture of her wearing it.They usually wear hats when they go to our backyard (yes, we have one) and at parties. Maegan wore a party hat on her birthday. Paul got to wear that party hat when we went to a Jollibee and we were the last ones there and we ordered lots of food so they gave away a lot of things to us.

What's your hat story? For more moments like these, click on the banner above.


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