Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Movies inspire me to Read

One particular movie that made me start the trend of looking for new books to read again was The Time Traveler's wife. I think I mentioned in one of my posts that in an interview that I so briefly glimpsed and the few seconds of trailer that I saw - I really really got curious with this movie. After learning that it was taken from a book, I simply had to go and find the book which I bought off from an ebay seller.
It was just so touching and heartwarming and I am at a loss of adjectives.
This was the book that took me so long to read. With Twilight, I spedread most of it. With The Time Traveler's Wife - I had to take my time, reread every line. Their ages and what happened next. It was an amazing read. Of waiting and being patient. Of change and of nothing being constant.
Would you like to be the one who is always left behind? Would you choose to be the one who has no control of disappearing?
By the end of it, I was crying. I'm not telling you why though.
After so much drama, I had to skip into a different kind of book. I went for action.
My husband once read " The Simple Genius" of David Baldacci - It's book number 3 of so far, 4 books. Well, as always curiousity got the better of me, I wanted to read the series from beginning to end. Unfortunately for me, things don't work out the way I planned - I got to read the latest one - First Family - first and I liked it. I really liked it.
First Family curiously enough is about the First Family. The niece of the First Lady is kidnapped after she celebrates her birthday at Camp David. The First Lady hires King and Maxwell to find the kidnappers. The kidnapper is sending notes/instructions to the First Lady threatening to reveal a personal secret.
Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are former Secret Service Agents.
I like the pace of the stories so much that I had to find the beginning of the series and start over.
Book 1 of the Series is Split Second.
The book starts with a presidential candidate being kidnapped while paying respect to a dead friend.
Michelle Maxwell is the head security thus become accountable to the Secret Service. A few years ago, Sean King lost his own presidential candidate because his gaze wandered in just a split second. Needless to say, the speed and the action in this novel was enough for me to get the other novels and finish the series.
Book 2 - Hour Game was equally good.
Book 3 - The Simple Genius was just pure torture for both King and Maxwell.
Simply put, if you want mystery solving in an action-packed pace - you should read these!
Here's the informative part of this post:
I don't read the paperback versions of these books, my books won't survive in the hands of my kids.
I exchanged my Nokia 6300 with hubby dear for my old trusted Nokia 7610 (the really old version) which has an ebook reader.
My trusted ebook reader is the Mobipocket. There's a version for your desktop and for your mobile phones.
Mobipocket supports a lot of formats for ebooks except .lit which requires Microsoft Reader. However, if your ebooks are in the .lit format, there's a program that can easily convert it into a pdf, word, or even text document which can then be converted into your Mobipocket reader into its preferred format - .prc.
Still with me?
If you want to know if your phone is compatible with Mobipocket - go here. There's a list of phones that mobipocket supports. Let me back up for a minute, No problem for ebooks in pdf, text, chm, epub, word, etc but if your ebooks are in .lit then you've got trouble. The free software that will be the answer to your problems would be the ABC Amber LIT Converter which can convert any .lit format into any other format. What I usually do is convert it to a pdf for my mobipocket capable phone or if it's for my old and now defective China phone - I convert it into a .txt.
Now, you know how I spend my free time while the kids watch their favorite shows, I read books on my phone.
Before I forget:
Some books I highly recommend:
Lisa Mcmann : Wake and Fade ( for teens but if you want a little sci-fi - It's a great read!)
                        spoiler alert ( Janie is a dreamcatcher!)
James Patterson: Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas ( heartbreaking lovestory)
(looked high and low for this one - will be reading it soon) but I saw the movie and I think it's great.
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Thanks a bunch!


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