Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To my Favorite Author

            I don't think there has ever been anyone else that I really liked until I learned about you and your books. Your book changed my life forever. I can still remember the day that it happened, though not the date. My autograph came back to me and my crush had written that the person he admired the most is Lestat de Lioncourt. The obsessive person that I am, I didn't stop until I found out who this person was and what did he do to deserve such an admiration. That's when I met you. I saved my allowance and bought your books one at a time. I'm proud to say that I wasn't a pirate then, though I did try to scour thrift shops where I could buy your books.I am even more grateful to you because having you in my life solidified the friendships I formed in college. We became book readers, book lovers and even a coven. We could go on for hours discussing what you've written. Dreaming of immortality, choosing our makers, and who will be our fledglings. Arguing over our favorite books in the series, favorite quotes and of course our favorite characters. I chose Akasha, the Queen of D**ned. I loved her concept, that for peace to reign, there must only be females and a handful of men. My favorite male character was of course, Lestat, the brat prince... and yet my favorite book was Memnoch the Devil. You gave me the more reason to have Faith and Believe because of the frightening revelations you wrote in your book. I write this to say Thank you. Thank you for making those stories and making me learn to love my mortality.

Thank you Anne Rice!

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