Friday, September 25, 2009

New Discoveries I

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I apologize for not being able to join Girls Talk, I know all the other girls had great answers (I bloghopped and read their entries). Honestly, I couldn't think of anything that girls can do and boys can't. Why? In comparison, my hubby can do anything better than I ever can, except mastery of the English language (his pronunciation falls into an accent from his province), other than that he's totally better than me.

Just sharing some new discoveries of mine again. It may be old news to you, but it's new to me, so you can skip this post if you are not ready for a long read.

One of my new discoveries is the tv show Harper's Island. I saw one of the previews in Studio23, honestly, it piqued my curiosity. I love mysteries, serial killers, whodunit stuff. I came across it again in a deebeedee shop ( yes, pirata po ako but not all the time) so I just had to have it. I checked the cover and it really caught my attention. Besides the actor as someone I really like in Medical Investigation, Jake 2.0 and recently in Ugly Betty, I liked the rest of the cast as well, since 2 of them were casts in Supernatural.

The story is simple, yet riveting. Abby Mills is going back to Harper's Island because his bestfriend (Henry) is marrying the girl of his dreams (Trish). 7 years ago, there was a serial killer in the island who killed 6 people by hanging them on a tree. Others were decapitated with a headspade (something used to decapitate whales) and others killed and tortured in many different ways.

The story begins a boat in Seattle, as the wedding party waits and assembles before heading off to Harper's Island. Immediately, one is missing (Cousin Ben) and you discover that he is tied under the boat beside the ships propeller. Victim number one is soon dead. As the story progresses, more and more are getting killed. By the 6th or 7th episode, you'd think that you got who the killer is, but then the main suspect dies and you are at a loss again as who is the real killer. All signs point to Abby as the reason why the killer is reliving the past.

I haven't finished the series, though my research of it got me in trouble since I know who the killer is now. But it's ok, since I'm still excited and I want to know why.

If you're into the suspense/thriller genre then I really suggest you catch this series on Studio 23 (if you're in the Philippines). It's worth watching. It's like " I Know what you did Last Summer" or " Scream" but instead of a short-lived movie, you've got a whole 13 episode series. It's a one-time run only (meaning, it only has 1 season) but if there was going to be a different series like Harper's Island, I'd be sure to try and watch it again.

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