Friday, September 4, 2009

An Invitation

I'm inviting all of you to join this weekly letter writing meme hosted on this blog.
Each week you get to write a letter on a particular topic/theme.
The letters can be short, long, funny, satiric, any way you can imagine writing it but please refrain from hate or other violent tendencies.
I'm also writing this to ask for some topics you'd like to write about if you plan to join, so I can finalize the new topics for the coming weeks.

So far: The Themes Were:

  • Aug.20: To the Man of My Life
  • Aug. 27: Dear Future Self
  • Sept. 3: To my Eldest Child (Present/Future)
  • Sept.10: A Letter to my Favorite Author

I'm thinking the next themes would be:
  • Sept 17: A Letter to Someone I'm Thankful to
  • Sept. 24: A Letter to a Friend you'd like to get in touch with again
  • Sept. 31: A Letter to someone who changed my Life

Some themes you'll surely see.
  • Dear Santa
  • Dear Blogging Mentor
  • A Letter to a Favorite Teacher
  • Dear Brother
  • Dear Sister
  • A Letter to Someone who hurt you deeply (maybe, maybe not)
  • Dear Favorite Actor
  • Dear Favorite Actress
I'm just sounding off here.

I think I'm also enjoying writing letters to my kids.
So maybe, we can do that on a monthly basis, or a different meme.
It's all up to you guys.
So tell me.
This post will be up for a week!


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