Monday, September 21, 2009

My Etsy Product pick of the Week!

My Etsy Product pick of the week or probably a whole month is something I stumbled upon by chance.

The product comes in many forms, combinations and sizes but essentially they are all the same.

Its  purpose: To keep a child busy, entertained, and kept clean while on the go, in a restaurant, at a bus and anywhere else.

How does it achieve its purpose? It's easy and simple to use, and even easier to clean.

What is it?

A Chalkboard Mat

I'm planning to save up for these and give them as gifts to my kids.

Here's a list of sellers that have these products!

Chalkydoodles- has a lot of chalk mat thingies ... personally, I'd love to have the Chalkboard Message mat for Teens and the Mix and Match Chalk Blocks
The Craft Patch - offers chalk mat and crayon roll in one - so cool!
It's the Small Things - offers mini chalk mats for those like me who has little or no budget. Also provides educational mats in the forms of flash cards, hangman, and shaped chalk mats.
Lil B Designs -  has an interesting array of products that makes use of chalk cloth and other stuff. I love the dine n doodle, fold and go art folios, and knob notes.
KateWDesigns - also offers chalkboard placemats among her other stuff that she offers.
Marie Lynn Boutique - also offers chalkmats in classic styles.
DoughDohHeads - is a store that offers playdough and chalkmats all in one.
Custom Clothes for Kids   - has something that has paper, crayons, and chalkmat that you can personalize all in one.

Other Stores:
Victoria Arts N Crafts
Lil Buggah
Apple Tree Boutique
Custom Kids - also customizes capes. - I want the double sided superhero cape. Superman now, Batman later.
Stitches by Jordan

If you want to do it yourself and just buy the materials
TaDaa Studio

Fabric Supplies?


I'm pretty sure there are tons more out there. You can check out kaboodle and other sites.

Now, if I can only find these in the Philippines, I'll be the happiest mom ever.

Oh, I did find one, but I think the store's not open anymore.
If you know anyone who sells these in Philippine peso or if it can be found in Divisoria - holler at me!

Do you love etsy too?
What items would you pick?

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