Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Letters That I'll Never Send: Missing You!

No one that I ever said goodbye to, cried the way you did. That was my most poignant memory of you. Was that the last time I ever saw you? For the life of me, I seem to not be able to remember if that was it, the last moment.
We had a lot of fun times. We had something in common that bound us together, we were both the only princesses in our families, and we were the only child. I remember meeting you in the hallway, and how you won everyone over by being elected as our floor representative. You had an aura around you that I never thought I could become one of your friends because you were intelligent, pretty and popular. I was never one to hang out with popular people but you were not one to boast so I was surprised when we got along pretty well.
I love it that despite your busy schedule, after we've moved on from Kalayaan, you still spent a lot of time with me. You were at Ilang, and I was at Sampa plus with different class schedules, organizations, and extra curricular activities, I still get surprised when I receive a call from you or most specially a visit.
I love that even before friendster and facebook, you were there, writing on my notebook, leaving little notes, giving me a book as a gift, writing letters and a whole lot more. I so love that about you.
If there was one thing I wish I could do, it's that I could stop time for awhile, fly and visit you there in Australia. I want to meet Sophia, Clara and Pocholo. I want to give you tons of hugs and drink lots of coffee with you.
Do you remember how so out of the blue, you took on the role of my master of ceremonies in such an impromptu and an unplanned debut? I remember it and I'm glad that it is preserved in posterity for my kids to see and understand how you'd do anything for me, and all I had to do was ask.
I'm sorry that when we came back to Manila, you learned of your grandfather's death then, it makes my birthday more unforgettable to you.

Of all the people in the world, the one that I'm missing the most, and wishing to see, just to talk, even for a moment, is dear Monique. I miss you Karen. Nikmo. Ganymede13.


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