Thursday, April 8, 2010

Becoming a YA

I've turned into a young adult once more. Have you heard of this series?

YA stands for Young Adult. I think I've reversed the hands of time and turned into one again. There is this series, which was about to debut last weekend that kept showing itself each time I tuned into AXN. The anime is based on a Manga of almost the same title and while I was flipping channels on the remote, I accidentally landed on Animax and the show was just starting.
Suffice to say, that I was blown away and shocked that I really liked it. Well, when I become obsessed, I become obsessed. So I had to ask the expert on young adulthood, my niece and learned that indeed I just caught the premiere and she's addicted too.

 No idea what I'm talking about?
It's the newest series of Animax, shown on Sundays at 8:30. Manila,Philippines Time.(GMT+8)

Student council president, Misaki Ayuzawa, works part-time at a maid cafĂ© which contradicts with her ‘no-nonsense, tough-talking’ reputation at her high school dominated by males. When her secret is discovered by Takumi Usui – the most popular guy in school – she is bewildered when he keeps it a secret but this is merely the start of his merciless teasing of her...

 There's about 40+chapters of the manga, and it's just a new anime. I'm curious to how it ends. I feel as if I'm enjoying Hana Yori Dango all over again. I wouldn't mind if they turned this into a 'teleserye' or a tv series with human actors.

What about you? Have you seen this? Have you read it?


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