Monday, April 5, 2010

I made me some blinkies!

Yep! You read that grammatically wrong sentence correctly!

I was just so happy. I got obsessing over something again, and I did it!

Of course, they are nothing compared to the goddesses of the design world Kaye and others.
I am a mere mortal, playing with my pc and trying to relax.
I can already see the design flaws of most of the ones I've made, but I'm still happy.

 and last, but my favorite of them all...

Since I'm into blinkies and playing around with my photos, I also thought that I'd share some of these as well.

These are collages that are easily made, all you have to do is upload your photos, and background paper if you have them and voila! Instant desktop wallpaper, plus you can specify your size. The program also actually recognizes the current size of your screen so no worries about that. In case, you're interested in creating your own photo collages, go to Photovisi and have fun! In case you do, come back and tell me, I'd love to see your creations from the site.


I love to do those things for a long time, I will try to visit the site you mentioned, thanks for sharing!


Uy ang ganda ha. pano ba gumawa nyan? hihi
Visiting from BC Bloggers. Have a nice day! :)


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oh, i really love your design. your really very creative and talented as well. keep up the good work sis and take care always.


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