Monday, April 26, 2010

Besides the mall, where do my kids go??

My kids love to go to the mall. Maybe since, it's so easily pronounced. Where do you want to go? "MALL!" moll, schmoll. Sometimes, my little boy, in a fit on inspiration would shout "Arylle's house", that's their cousin who they like to play with even if she's 8.

One of the places where my kids feel so much at home, even if I try them not drumroll please. The Bank.
Yes, crazily, the bank is where my kids love to play. Perhaps it's the environment? Or maybe the friendly staff of our bank. The bank manager loves to interview them and the one handling the account/s of their grandmother loves talking to my kids and asking questions. My kids, in turn, love answering the questions, asks for candies, gets curious about the computers and runs around the place.

But the thing most loved by my kids when they go to the banks are the crowd control items.
This is actually a stanchion and is used in making queues at the bank. My kids however, love to play with the belt, pulling it, or stepping on it and most of all, using it and playing with it in limbo rock. These are actually very useful in banks, and in schools, usually I see them during registration or enrollment period in big universities and mostly banks.

I think different kinds are also used during concerts or awards night where celebrities are just beyond your reach and are behind the velvet rope. I just love watching the celebrities parade specially during the Oscars, you know that as they go through that red carpet and slip through those cubicles barricaded with velvet rope, you are able to distinguish the celebrities from the press and the personal assistants.

It's the Bangus festival in Dagupan today, we saw barricades being setup since there was going to be street dancing. We went to the mall, the bank, and we visited Paul's pediatrician because he was scheduled for a vaccination. Thankfully, he cried just a little and was a very good boy. He was rewarded with a visit to the mall and the mall's play area and of course, his favorite snack.


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