Friday, April 9, 2010

Letters That I'll Never Send: My Summer Plans for you

Dear Maegan and Paul,

           Our summer plans for you are headed in the same direction. Your grandma, your dad and I have decided to prepare you both. I hope you are having fun in Music Time with Teacher Ruchel. I think your enjoyment is shown when you do your little performances at home. Next week, I hope that you'll be enjoying her storytelling time and begin your adventures in reading with her. I know you'll learn a whole lot more from her than you will ever know from me. I am hoping that we can go to the beach at least once. For sure, we'll be busy as the coming school year will come and both of you will attending school. Such a big change for the mom who loves to sleep in during mornings. But I promise to try my best. I guess, it's my main reason for doing this summer, to get you and me used to the idea of rushing off in the morning. I also hope that I can prepare you guys for the coming of your other grandparents. There will be lots of reunions and I hope you guys learn to behave, and be sociable specially you Ate Maegan. You're so supladita.  I hope that you my dear Paul will have better pronunciation by then, well, I love you how you to talk even if at times I don't understand what you're saying.

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I love the manga version of this but haven't gotten around to finish the story. Is it finish already? I'm not so sure and not really updated with manga now. I stopped reading them last year which is so sad. :(


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