Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm dreaming of a summer vacation. But so far, all I have lined up are visits to doctors. We're all undecided as to whether Maegan should be enrolled in a crash course this summer. It's about preparing your child for the big school. For those who don't know, or curious as to why she has to enroll or not... well, she didn't finish toddler school. She only attended school for 3 months.

She had 9 sessions this summer, but it's more playing and music than learning. So, hubby and I are still negotiating on our plans. If she doesn't attend summer classes, I hope we can take them(Maegan and Paul) with my 3 other kids to the beach. I think they miss swimming. My aunt mentioned a place that is still clean and nearby. I'm seriously curious and considering it.

We're looking forward to May since May is my mom's birthmonth and is mine as well. Add the fact, that an aunt, and an uncle are coming home to visit my sick Aunt (who was diagnosed with breast cancer) so reunions are bound to happen.

We're just hoping that the party won't be happening at the house. It's too stressful and painful to clean house after a party. Plus, we lack entertainment for the visitors. Makes me wish I can save enough money for a new Magicsing.

What are your summer plans?


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