Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreaming of a Vacation

When would we ever have the time to go on a vacation? One of the things that's definitely on my list is going on a vacation... with the whole family and I mean the whole family including in-laws and my relatives. I shouldn't forget that my twin(non-biological) and I are also planning a trip to Paris. Paris just looks more beautiful specially when I saw the first episode of the newest season of Gossip Girls. Instead of Serena and Blair, I was imagining that it was my twin and I.
I dream of waking up in hotel Paris.  I am sure it would be fun to try out a bed and breakfast france style. I wonder which channel manager I should use for booking my trip. First thing I'm going to try out in France would be coffee! Yummy coffee. I would also be dreaming of going to museums and thinking of the movie 'Sabrina' as I stroll and discover delis, cafes, art and passion in Paris.
Could it be true that it the most romantic city? What is your most romantic city?
Mine so far is Baguio City, but that's just me and I haven't been anywhere else.


Me wants to go on a holiday too! The most romantic place for me is Lago di Garda, Italy.


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