Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knowing the Meaning of a Freak Accident

A few days ago, November 19 to be exact, I learned the true meaning of the word freak accident. I think I'm telling this story, embarassing and crazy as it sounds to serve as a lesson to others.

It was around 11 in the morning. The Revo(van) was parked in a slanted manner because our garage goes downhill then flat. Sort of a ramp going down then flat. It was parked in an incline. I offered a ride to my aunt who was going near my son's school so she could save fare. We were ready to leave in about 5 minutes, the driver was going to get the tank of gas(for cooking) he was going to load. I offered my aunt to ride at the back, to wait and I would start the engine so she can have the aircon running. I saw that that the handbrake was up so I had no worries, my aunt got in, and my one foot was in the passenger side and I reached in to turn the ignition while my door was still open and my other foot was outside.

Guess what happened!

The van went roaring backwards. My aunt was screaming inside the van. 2 doors were open. I was flying backwards. My singular thought was TURN IT OFF, TURN THE ENGINE OFF. I don't know how long it lasted. I noticed that we were out the gate which was actually closed so you must know the speed of the van forced the gates open. I noticed that the other vehicles stopped as they were nearing us. I noticed all that as I finally got the engine turned off.

What stopped the van? 2 open doors. The doors were almost torn off their hinges.  Doors were totally bent outward, you couldn't close it. The only injury I got was at my toes, it was as if my toe was sandpapered by gravel as I went flying backward, and a deep muscle bruising at my lower right leg.

Till now, I dread thinking of that simple action I've done so many times and have not caused me harm.
The simple act of turning the ignition key makes my blood run cold. But that was my terror, I gave the driver and my mom, and my aunt who was riding inside even more terror.

What is the Lesson of the Story?  Don't touch a vehicle when you don't know the circumstances. Mine was truly an accident, a freak accident, the van was in reverse because it was parked inclined. I didn't know. I expected the vehicle to not move because of the handbrake.

Check out the doors!


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