Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Importance of Sleep

After 2 days of stormy weather, there is nothing in world that I need more than sleep. Without sleep, I am just a cranky mom whose world is spinning and spinning since I get dizzy without sleep. Sleeping takes so much time from our lives but it is also important that the quality of our sleep is also at its best.

When I miss sleeping, or taking my nap, my body is not as quick to adapt to situations presented to me. I also discovered that the quality of my sleep depends on where I sleep. Sometimes I dream of buying an adjustable bed just to know the difference. I think an adjustable bed would be something truly comfortable. It may even help me in my posture. I'm tired of sleeping on hard floors, my kids and I might fall off from the bed but I do think it's time to make that change. It would certainly reduce the pains I feel from my lower back area.

Actually, the most important aspect of a bed for me is the comfort that a bed can provide. Second to that, if you can provide me with a bed that gives better sleep and better dreams then I am all for buying that bed.


I think everyone will agree that sleep is really important. Aside from contributing to our mood swings, lack of sleep can also weaken our immune system that may lead to sickness.

About the beds, my dream bed is a matrimonial bed. :)


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