Saturday, November 20, 2010

Favorite Post on: Certified Foodies

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My Favorite post on Certified Foodies

There are just a few places to eat here in our city and we have to go to Dagupan City, to get a taste of other food. Well, we only have Jollibee and Mcdonald's here which isn't a lot and a few local restaurants that can suit your palates and appetite. At the next city, DC (Dagupan City), there are 2 big malls that have big restaurants. At the mall, is where we usually do our groceries and mostly after doing the grocery we head on to our favorite food chain... KFC. So my favorite post on Certified Foodies is actually about KFC too. My kids have particular favorites in KFC, we all do. Here's how our ordering would usually go:

Maegan: Funshots and Chicken Macaroni Salad and Iced Tea.
Paul: Funshots with Rice and Iced Tea
Hubby: Will take a WowBurger, or a Fully Loaded Meal depending on appetite.
My Mom: loves Mashed Potato and the Imperial Bowls
Me: Chicken Macaroni Salad and the Famous Bowl plus Diet Pepsi.

That was before I read that entry, when I got to read that entry, the week that we got to visit KFC again, I changed my orders. Blankpixels was right, my daughter and I enjoyed the Barbecue Rods so much, and we took home about 3 sticks for my hubby but I think he only got 1 stick because my daughter was asking more from him. Seriously, that was the effect of that post. Now, I am looking forward to going to KFC trying out Chicken Lime and looking forward to the review about Double Down. Yum.


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