Friday, November 26, 2010

What I Need

Here's my list for Christmas now and for the future since I don't think I'll generate enough funds to buy these.
Would that be a Christmas Now and Beyond Shopping List?

Well, I am writing it down just so I can't forget it.

What My Kids want:
Ice Cream Swirl , Burger Machine, Cake Maker all by Play Doh ( translation: that's about 2400 pesos without delivery fee and I haven't found it in Ebay yet)

What I want for my Kids:
A printer for all their school project (4-in-1 or 3-in-1 would be nice) but that's just me.

What Hubby wants:
Toywatch (remember my post?), Pants (his are getting tighter, I feed him too much), USB flash drive and if I'm dreaming that I'm rich a new cellphone, I bet he'll love to have those touch screen thingies.

What I want for Hubby:
His own personal computer, so he can download files that he doesn't want me to see. (LOL!)
So we can go online at the same time, and well, I can have this pc as mine.

What I want :
The money to buy all the things they want. Seriously, I am so digging the song "Billionaire"

What we need:  a printer, a dual sim cellphone ( I can go for a Cherry mobile, I just wish it has bluetooth and expandable memory card and I'm good to go, as long as I can put an ebookreader, I'll be happy.)

What about you? Got a Christmas List?


A lot of wishes, surely HE is listeing on your heart and soon He will shower you with all the blessings that you need so that your wishes will come true.


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