Friday, November 6, 2009

Bits and Pieces.

It's funny how my 2 kids like to smile to the camera. But my daughter loves to take the camera away from me. Unfortunately for me, she doesn't know how to use the viewer. What she usually snaps a picture of is the lower portion of the person she's taking a picture of. My son, on the other hand has now learned to react to the world smile and click. The photos are his instant reactions.

I feel as if I've neglected blogging. I've been wasting my time with facebook applications. I think Calvin is a bad influence. I think because he posts the top facebook games in his blog, I keep checking it and now, I'm beginning to enjoy those games. Particularly Age of Castles, which is not on the list yet... and I'm liking Cafe World, Farm Town, and I also have an account in Farmville. I'm a new recruit in Mafia Wars, but they are right, lots and lots of people are playing it.

There are 2 tv series that I am trying to watch right now too, which is another waste of my time, but it's the only way I relax after picking up and doing everything with my kids non-stop. One is Fringe, I like Joshua Jackson since Mighty Ducks. It's shown on CS9 here in the PI, have you seen it? I'm still on season 1. It's a modern version of X-Files.

One is Dollhouse. It isn't shown in the Philippines. Reminds me of the movie, Paycheck by Ben Affleck with Uma Thurman. Dollhouse is an organization where humans become programmed dolls. You are rented out, a personality is placed in you. Then your memory gets wiped after the transaction. Eliza Dushku of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the other slayer) and of Tru Calling is the lead star. Her name is Echo. They turn you into whoever the client wants you to be.Watch the clip, you might get curious. The only bad news is , it just might only have 2 seasons. 13 episodes in 1 season, so about 26. Currently shown in the states is episode 5 of season 2, if I remember correctly.

Maybe, I'll ask for the dvd of this one... where to buy?? where to buy??

Now, what do you think?


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