Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still Worried

I still worry about storms. Maybe because I saw the terrifying devastation that Ondoy and Pepeng brought with them, not only to houses or farm lands but most specially Ondoy's effect to a lot of cars. I wonder if having an off-road vehicle would fare better in a flash flood. Will it stand the mud and the water? I bet that the head gasket of any vehicle is the first to go, or maybe the batteries?
Maybe a Ford Explorer would survive, but it would surely be a mess to clean. Its big and luxurious. It must be pricey to have it fixed. I bet that a Los Angeles auto repair can handle anything whether sand, mud, hail stones, a broken window or a flooded vehicle. Makes me wonder about what happened to vehicles in New Orleans due to Katrina.
It is just saddening that you work so hard to save up and buy a vehicle. The mere fact that all can be loss in a fierce act of mother nature or from something we humans do to ourselves. I don't think insurance covers being flooded, or your car being flooded. Does it?
Mother nature has a way of sending a message. Global warming is real and disasters are really on their way. We should all at least try to go green. The first step would be: Sort your garbage!


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