Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Real Drama at Home

Life is so hard nowadays. My mom hired a housepainter to paint newly refurbished ceilings. Our family driver actually did the hiring. He found a painter from one of those who usually worked in our house. Long story short, before the end of the afternoon, one cellphone went missing. Fortunately, it's not mine or my mom's. Though I wonder if anyone would be interested in getting a motorola phone with no bluetooth or no memory card, just a really creepy camera and doesn't even make a sound. I'm losing my point.
Upon the discovery that a cellphone was missing, we all went looking for it and avoided pointing fingers first. The shocking part was the phone wasn't ringing even if it was fully charged so everyone became suspicious. There was only one suspect since there was only 1 stranger among us. The family driver searched high and low from areas where they worked and lo and behold, he found the phone unit but not the battery or the back cover. He confronted the housepainter and was interrogated. By the 4th time the question was asked, he finally admitted to taking the phone. My mom asked the driver to get the person who recommended the housepainter. Calmly explained that what he did was wrong. That had he not done that, there were other opportunities for work in our house because repairs and painting jobs are fairly a regular thing if your house is 20 years old.
Sad to say, he used his 1 year old child as an excuse. That he was doing it for his kid. It's just sad. No one is safe anymore. You give a man an honest job, he was going to get paid and he screws it up by taking something from us. He lived on the street where my aunt lived. He knows my aunt and cousins. It's disheartening that something like that could happen. It's also scary to just let a stranger into your house when you expect them to do honest work and they end up stealing from you.
Lucky for us that we discovered the phone missing almost right after it was taken. Perhaps, it was also a mistake to have left it to a place easily accessible. I think the housepainter thought that everyone in the house were strangers and that the place was busy enough that a phone that went missing would go unnoticed. That was his mistake. We knew that no one in their right mind would take that phone except him.


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