Monday, November 16, 2009

Get me a school keepsake book!

My cousins finally made plans to come to the Philippines! Yay! The last time they were here was April 2005. I remember it well because my cousin had his wedding on April 9 of that year, and mine was on the 23rd. My son and daughter are finally going to meet their cousins. I now have 2 nephews. I'm glad that I think Maegan will be able to handle talking to her 'foreigner' cousins.

My mom asked me to think real hard on what I'm going to ask them to bring here in the Philippines. They'll be spending Christmas in Manila but they plan on spending a few days here in the province. We're sort of a side trip.

I'm considering asking them to buy some school keepsake book in different grades for Maegan and Paul when they go to school. A nap mat for my  son's future teacher so she can implement nap time in her toddler school or to my sister-in-law. Hmm. What could be more useful? A nap mat or a penny laine baby book? I think my journalism major might find the baby book better since she really is the artistic type. You should see her christening gifts to my children. She gave me photo mosaics of my kids with scrapbooking details. Totally awesome! I think she might enjoy scrapping her baby's life and writing about it too in her baby book.

That's it. I've made up my mind. I can surprise my sister-in-law with the baby book. Maybe get a nap mat. I would really like to scrap the life of my kids. I just wish I had supplies. Well, I have to learn how anyway. I can only barely digi-scrap anyway.

I'm still thinking of chalk mats and monogrammed personalized thingies my kids could bring to school and I'm really obsessing over toy microphones. I don't know why. Plus, I have to do research on how to teach Maegan to read. She's showing signs of interest to reading. Do you know of any sites? Which again, reminds me that I have to get our printer fixed for her activities.


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