Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls Talk: Chocolates!

Being a diabetic does not stop me from eating chocolates. It just deters me from constantly eating chocolates since I'm not in Manila and can go to stores like SM where there's abundant supply of sugarfree items. I get lucky if I can find sugarfree chocolates. Once in a while, I can find these at Watsons in Nepomall,Dagupan. When I frequented Baguio a long, long time ago, I used to buy these at the Commissary in Camp John Hay. But you had to pay in dollars. When I was really craving for it, I ask my twinsis(nonbiological) to get some for me.

When I get lucky, my auntie who's in New York, sends some of those above and those below.
These are the chocolates I get to taste and enjoy.I think my aunt goes to drugstores and ask for sugarfree candies, that's what she used to tell me. Toffee's are really yummy though.

Anything sugarfree, I have to go to Dagupan which is about 30-45 minutes away. If the 2 are unavailable, I get my chocolate fix on these items which I can easily find in 2 groceries in Dagupan.

These cookies are great and Murray's provides different kinds of sugarfree cookies. There are usually 3 to 4 varieties available in the groceries that I can find.

What's your brand of chocolate?
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