Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letters That I'll Never Send: I Encourage You...

Dearest Winnie,

        You've embarked on one of the greatest adventures in life. You've just gotten married and you're now going to be a Mom. A little person is growing inside of you. I can imagine the difficulties that you will be facing. The life you have as you know it will certainly change. Your priorities must change too. Life will be hard, but I believe in you. I really do. I think you have a big chance in changing your life for the better even if life has thrown you a lot of curveballs. Or else, I hope I'll be able to help in the change that will come to your life. As I promised long ago, perhaps when I own my own business. You have exceptional skills in the kitchen. You've learned the secrets of the trade. I hope that if I can't help you, you be able to put that skill into good use. I am supposed to encourage. I hope that you try to dream. When you dream, dream Big and equip yourself for whatever journey you must take. I'll be missing you. I hope Mak doesn't bring you too far.      


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