Monday, November 16, 2009

TCP: Commander-in-Chief

Short and sweet: My pick for this one is when Harrison Ford plays the man of the hour, and the Commander-in-Chief. It's an old movie that gets shown in reruns at AXN sometimes. I liked that he was the man of the hour. He didn't succumb to pressure. Glenn Close as the VP here was amazing for me. The story is Air Force One is hijacked, in it is the President and his immediate family (wife and child). Gary Oldman is an amazing villain. Plus, the child gives quick quips as dialogue!

You see the sacrifice people will willingly do for a President as well. It's a great plot with a lot of twists and turns. The amazing part is the President is the one who tried to save everyone else. My favorite scene would be when the fighter jet says it has become Air Force One.

Note: I also like Commander-in-Chief the tv series. It's about a woman as a president. Geena Davis is great in this series. Donald Sutherland as the ambitious Speaker of the House is amazing as well which gives the series its depth and twists. I like how she became the President. The incumbent President gets an aneurysm, and is debilitated. The incumbent asks her to step aside since she's an independent and wants the speaker of the House to become the President. It's just great. She met obstacles from all sides but still emerged as president.


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