Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Girls Talk: Favorite Pasttime

My favorite thing to do to kill the time, ever since the beginning of time... is to read books. We're not rich but I got to borrow tons of books. I reached high school and I'd collect, trade, rent pocketbooks. I loved Sweet Valley High, and R.L. Stine. When I went to college, we had a book rental program in the dorm. You get to earn from the books you lend. A percentage from the program's earnings went to the owner. In College, I discovered Anne Rice which solidified my friendship with the Vampire Society ( a group of 4 young women so into Anne Rice's vampires). We would debate, discuss the books, scour bookshops, find used books. Ebay wasn't available then. Now, I'm much more older... I'm into ebooks. Electronic books are much easier to handle since I just use my phone for all my reading pleasure. Reading ebooks can be expensive or cheap or free. It depends on the reader. I've seen ebook sellers from ebay to official book sites, to multiply and of course the free sites. I am the middle type. If I'm obsessing over an author and there's no cheap seller then I pay. That's my rule. For authors I really like, I try to pay so they earn from me. To show my appreciation for them.

Other things I do to pass the time is facebook apps. I just discovered that most of my hs classmates have accounts there. I like Cafe World and Farmtown. I also love offline games like Diner Dash, Avenue Flo, and The Sims.


my love for books started with SVH too.

Happy GT, mine is up too.

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