Monday, November 9, 2009

TCP: Wild Wild West

I'm keeping my entry short and simple this week since I don't have the time to blog. My little Paul is sick with fever and most likely suppressed colds. We're all praying that he feels better soon. I am just glad that even if he is sick he can still be playful and a handful. I just hate it when he starts to feel hot again. I can see how it affects his chest.

Wild Wild West - of cowboys, cowgirls, gunslingers and gold. I'd love to say that my pick would be Will Smith's Wild Wild West but no, though I love the official soundtrack of that movie. So danceable!

I love this because it's the girls holding the guns. With great actresses like Madeleine Stowe and Andie MacDowell plus Drew Barrymore and Mary Stuart Masterson is something I couldn't resist to post!
It's a Rated R movie and I watched it on cable, so I guess I was old enough to watch it when I did, since I didn't see this when it was released in 1994.
Each girl has a story. I remember Andie Macdowell as the one who loves to act like a Southern belle. To know what I'm talking about, I suggest do a little digging at imdb.

For more lively westerns, click on the banner above. What's on your couch this Tuesday?


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