Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking Forward to...

Wow, Time flies really fast. Pretty soon, it's gonna be Christmas. I wonder if anyone would get me a car or a pickup truck for Christmas. I'm still worried about floods. I'm now getting over paranoid about it. Maybe a Chevrolet Silverado will help me survive. It's a great looking pick up truck that could be used in offroad sort of stuff.

I'm also getting addicted to Dollhouse. I wonder if they'd extend it. I like the plot, though I do wish that there's a little bit more and missing other characters that were in Tru Calling. They use a lot of vans in the series. Its what they use to pick up their dolls. Maybe, they get it fixed in a Dallas auto repair. They use it to drop the dolls off, pick them up, the dolls even use them to escape, plus the vans are geared with super high-tech equipment to monitor the dolls. Totally cool!

I'm currently reading True Blue by David Baldacci. I'm loving the characters but I'm just in the first few pages. It's fairly interesting enough. A chief of police as a sister (Beth). A cop who went undercover in Narcotics but got sent to prison for 2 years (Mace). The only thing that can make Mace happy is her Ducati. High speed chases, attempts to murder her, well she better make sure that the brake job in her high powered Ducati is infallible for her escapes. I wonder if Roy (the male lead, I presume) is really a good guy and I think the other cop...T something is a bad guy. Plus, I really hate Mona who is out to persecute the sisters.

I'm looking forward to finishing my novel, praying that my son gets really better soon, his sister to like to go to school. I wonder if there's something worth looking forward to for Christmas.

I'm looking forward to New Moon. Yes, I'm still a vampire fan. I want to see more Jasper Hale. Please!
But I guess, there's more of him on Eclipse than in New Moon.

I have to make my christmas list. Haven't done any shopping. No moolah to shop....oh well.
Just rambling on here. Feel free to unsubscribe. Kidding!


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