Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers

  1. Certified Foodies - This is the only food blog that makes me pay attention. I think it has influenced me so much that when she wrote about KFC's products, I immediately went to the other city and had to try it for myself. The descriptions are vivid that it was mouthwatering and I felt as if I was pregnant again because I craved and demanded my hubby to buy me the food.

  2. My Painted Lips - This is a blog authored by truly an influential blogger. I have never been into cosmetics. Just reading her tagline made me realize that even if I don't have to wear a corporate suit to work everyday or that I blog in my shorts, I can still change the way I feel by changing the color of my lips. I learn something new everyday about cosmetics and specially lipstick.

  3. Mommy Survival Guide - is a how-to survive the greatest challenge of all, being a mom. Practicality and experience has taught this mom and she is now sharing to the world what she knows. Her blog is a must-read for those who want to survive in the jungle called parenting.

  4. Green Living Ideas - is a blog that helps you go green! Ideas that will help you save the planet. Starting with yourself and your surroundings. This is certainly a blog worth reading and mentioning because it is crucial to the survival of our planet and us, as a species.

  5. The Tottering Mama - is a mom blog that shows you how to teach your kids, events that attracts moms and just juggling between work, being a mom, and tottering all over the place. It's a great read and should be a great influence for moms looking for that balance between their activities.

  6. Notepad Corner - is a blog I enjoy visiting because of the design. It really is suited to the blog's name. It's something that once you see it, you don't forget how it looks like. Even more enjoyable is the fact that the blog is full of useful information. Truly a blog worth taking note of.

  7. The Pepperific Life - is a blog that is authored by a single mom. At present time, this is a circumstance already understood and truly is the most challenging of all. To raise a child by one's self, well, she must be supermom to be able to manage at all. She writes about her dreams for her child, and how she learns from the child in an engaging manner, you can't help but be drawn to her writing.

  8. The Bloggers Journal - is a blog filled with important information for bloggers. It is a must read, whether your a newbie in blogging, a professional or just plain curious. Information is important and this blog has it and shares it in a way that readers will understand. Learning is a never-ending process and you learn something new by reading this influential blog.

  9. Levyousa - Just by the title, I am hooked, being the Harry Potter fan that I am. This blog is full of positivity and well you can't help but levitate when you read it. Kidding aside, An engaging blog that is filled with observations, point of views and great finds around the web. Definitely something you'll add to your bookmarks.

  10. Mom Writes - One of the most prolific blogging moms I've met online, she surely is influential! Mommy Ruby is an influential person who has been blogging for a long time and is very successful at it. She can spearhead an event, organization, and finds the time to be a proud Mommy of 3. If there is someone you'd want to influence you, she's definitely one of them. 

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