Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pottermore and More!

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If you are in my facebook account, I think you might have noticed that I went stark raving mad yesterday about Pottermore. I was just desperate to get in. When the site opened I just had to think of how in the world was I going to be able to join. 

Harry Potter came into my life when the last book was about to be released. I've heard of it, seen or about to see the first movie then, and more. When the last book was released, that's when I decided to read all the books. I wanted to experience the books one after another. As the characters grew older and the plot a bit darker, I grew up with them. 

I've had my kids watch the movies but it's only my son who loves to watch them with me. My daughter snobs Harry Potter unless her dad is with her. I always feel the wonder and my favorite scenes in the first movie includes the sorting hat and food magically appearing at the table. It is truly magical and epic to me.

On the personal side. I wonder how my aunt is feeling that my cousin from New York is moving to LA. I think moving to a different place after living in a place for so long is difficult. I think it would be easier for my cousin to acquire tickets though specially those tickets of Los Angeles Lakers Tickets, but then I always thought it would be easier for her to get Radio City Music Hall Tickets in New York. But I know wherever you are, everything is simpler and easier when you buy tickets online like those of Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets, Nassau Coliseum Tickets and United Center Tickets.  I think it's absolutely romantic that she's going to move there for the guy that she loves. I hope the guy realizes the importance of her decision, to leave each one of her family in New York for him. I am just glad that we have other relatives in California that she could see and can help her in adjusting to the new environment.


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