Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nice to Know You Wednesday Meme

What is your online nickname + how did you come up with it?
        Online Nickname is Mys (pronounced as Mice) was given to me by my non-biological twin and bestfriend since Grade 2. The shortest version of Myra.

2. What was the last thing on your mind before you sleep last night?

     Why did I dream of snakes the other night?

3.Which are the first 5 songs that play in your iPod when you shuffle it?

         I don't have an Ipod. I play music through my phone. First would be the Chicken Dance by Lawrence Welk to make my kids dance. Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version), Born this Way by Lady Gaga, Price Tag, and We R who we R.

4. What are the last words you tell your children before they dose off to dreamland?

          Go to sleep, you'll see your friends at school tomorrow. 

5. Are you generally happy or sad when it rains?

         Generally sad. I get sick when it rains. But I love the rain.

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same tayo sis..I dont have Ipod..low tech din CP ko..after nawala yung samsugnS3600 ko..hindi na ako pa bumili..I just bought yung very simple na cp..

visting from NTKYW..

heres mine..


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