Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TCP: Disaster Strikes

My pick for this week's theme is:   The Day After Tomorrow

The movie stars Jake Gylenhall whom I must admit looks good as the guy you want to believe in and be with you when the world ends. Some scenes that I loved from this movie, was when they were stuck in the library and they had to choose what kind of books they would have to tear and burn, I love that they were fighting and the answer that came was so simple. Taxes. Books on Taxes. I really laughed at that part. I mean, it was the perfect choice. History will be rewritten and new ways of computing taxes if and when anyone survived would be implemented.

Other touching scenes include other countries accepting the Americans since they were the ones who were the most devastated. I also cried a bit when he tried to keep the people from going out but since he's just a kid, and everything is frozen solid the people thought they were safer risking it out there.

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