Thursday, August 25, 2011


How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

Rarely is there a celebration. Last birthday was when I was 30 and we ate at a restaurant where the servings were so big, we drowned in our plates.

This year, what are you planning to do to make your birthday celebration different?

Next year, maybe a blog giveaway. God willing!
What was the best birthday gift you received ever?

A surprise birthday party/debut from my Mom.

What is your dream birthday celebration {you can elaborate if you wish }?

A trip with the whole in whole from all the aunts and relatives of mine as well as hubby's. I want a bonggang bonggang reunion!

What are your birthday wishes for this year?

Better health for me, great health and safety for my kids, hubby, friends, family, and relatives.


wow, i'd love to eat in a restaurant where i'd drown in my plate, it will be a good way to treat myself on my birthday!

thanks for joining again Mommy Mys! it is nice to know you + hope to see you again next week! mwah! :)


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